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Universal Analytics Tracking Script Javascript, Google Analytics

This Analytics object allows you to easily configure multiple GA accounts, send pageviews/events to all accounts, and see exactly what is being sent to GA with browsers that support console.log() using the debug option.

PHP 2-Way Encryption (AES-256) PHP, Encryption

PHP Encryption, AES, best practices, high level 2 way encryption.

Recursive Removal of .DS_Store Files Shell/Terminal Script for Mac OSX Shell, Mac OSX

Shell/Terminal Script for Mac OSX that will delete all .DS_Store files recursively relative to the directory executed in.
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Latest Projects

Instagrin 2012-05-31

Since the popular Instagram lacks a web browser interface, I created my own using their API. Like/unlike, comment, view photo info, user profiles, tag results, search, follow analytics/detail, zoom, download photos, etc.

Yamaha Outboards 2012-05-15

Assisted in custom Drupal block/view programming, Google Analytic Event Tracking, other jQuery functions.
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RT @MrDevinB: @DotandBo Fixed your login problem... javascript:$('#login,.modal-backdrop').remove(),$('body').toggleClass('logged-out logge…
RT @dan_pantera: US Marshal's #bitcoin auction results out within 3 hours. Should be strong.
RT @bendavenport: Confirmed: Apple allowing Bitcoin (virtual currency) apps. Section 11.17 developer.apple.com/appstore/resou…
@Jarters talking down on competition doesnt boost em up. it will be interesting to see if "apple" or "ios" will even be said at #googleio
@Jarters like verbal? or features?
@Jarters if you mean trying to catch up to what android has had for years, then yes.
if i didnt have anything to complain about, i dont think id ever talk.


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